About us

Miljana Vida

Miljana is the co-founder of Go Speak Serbian Online School. She holds an M.A. in Serbian Language and Literature from the University of Novi Sad and has 13 years of experience teaching Serbian as a foreign language. She was a Serbian language lecturer at the University of Novi Sad (Serbia) and the University of Szeged (Hungary). She has also worked at other foreign language centers in Novi Sad.

Miljana currently lives in Warsaw (Poland), where she works as an online Serbian teacher, lesson coordinator, and course and content creator.  

Miljana can not imagine her day without a strong Turkish coffee in the morning and a good book in the evening. She’s in love with forests, elephants, music and food.

Serbian Teacher Miljana Ilicic
Serbian Teacher Dragana Borenovic Dilas
Dragana Borenović Đilas

Dragana is the co-founder of Go Speak Serbian Online School. She holds an M.A. in History of Art from the University of Michigan. 

She is also a certified teacher of English as a Second Language, awarded by the Canadian College of Educators. Dragana also founded and ran a language center NScool in Novi Sad, for 10 years. She has taught Serbian and English as a foreign language for 15 years. 

Dragana currently lives in Toronto (Canada). She is a lesson coordinator, course, and content creator in our team.

She loves riding her non-electric scooter through busy city streets. She spends a lot of time with her ebook reader and listening to podcasts.

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Our story

This story starts in Novi Sad. We were both teaching the Serbian language at a small language school. Back then (we won’t mention the year, haha) we could not find the right textbooks for Serbian as a foreign language. So, we decided to make our own coursebook and workbook.

Since a lot of our students were not able to attend live lessons, we started changing this material into a more interactive form, and finally, we developed online courses and online lessons for them. This is Go Speak Serbian now.

Working as Serbian teachers for years, we listened carefully to our students’ needs and questions and developed courses that focus on engaging, practical, and authentic content. We made sure that the curriculum, visuals, and educational technologies we use in our lessons won’t make you yawn in our classes. 🙂

Our Team

Jovana Nikić

Jovana graduated with Serbian literature and language at the University of Novi Sad.

She got a chance to go to Granada, Spain for a student exchange program, and she fell in love with this city.

In Granada, she obtained a Master’s degree in Modern languages and cultures (Spanish, English, and French). Also, she is currently learning Italian.

She’s a plant lover, she likes reading children’s books, and her guilty pleasure is YA novels, TV shows, and movies. But, above all, she loves traveling.

She loves researching new possibilities and approaches to learning languages and especially Serbian as a foreign language.

Sara Ilanković

Sara completed her Master’s studies in Serbian language at the University of Novi Sad. Her passion lies in teaching Serbian to foreigners, but she is also fluent in Italian and English

Sara says: ‘Serbian language is more than just a set of grammar rules; it is intertwined with Serbian culture, history, and love that you can feel from all the people when you come here. That’s why I always try to introduce my students to the whole Serbian nation, not just the language.’

One of her favorite Serbian writers is Ivo Andrić, and her favorite Serbian dish is the one and only – sarma.

In her free time, she enjoys listening to Italian music and reading books by famous Serbian writers. She is also an avid traveler who tries to explore new places every year. She’s a cat lover and she enjoys spending time with her feline companion, Dudica.

Katarina Mijatović

Katarina is from Valjevo, a small city in Western Serbia. The city is renowned for its residents who speak the most accurate version of the Serbian language.

She completed her bachelor’s and master’s studies in the Serbian language and literature at the University of Novi Sad. During her time at the university, she fell in love with the language and discovered her passion for teaching.

Life took her on exciting adventures abroad, so she lived in Turkey and Israel. It was during her time living in different countries that she began teaching Serbian as a foreign language.

Besides being an awesome teacher, Katarina is a proud mother of two children. She also has a French bulldog named Laki who loves to snore during Katarina’s lessons. 🙂

serbian teacher
Teodora Živkov

Teodora went to the Karlovci Gymnasium (the first grammar high school in Serbia), where she learned Russian, English and Italian. She obtained a degree in the Serbian language and literature from the University of Novi Sad. She is currently completing the master’s studies program in the Serbian language.

She had her first Serbian as a foreign language lesson in 2019, at the Centre for Serbian as a foreign language, at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad. She still teaches Serbian there.

Teodora loves learning languages! At the Uni, she used to learn Slovenian, Hungarian and Italian. She attended a competition in the Latin language in Rome, and a Summer school of Slovenian language in Ljubljana. She also worked in the library of Karlovci Gymnasium.

She spends her free days in nature, on the Danube or on Fruška Gora.

She hopes to live by the sea one day.

Nataša Sretenović

Nataša completed her Master’s studies in Serbian language at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. Now she lives in Gornji Milanovac, in the small town famous for being the birthplace of a Serbian poet Momčilo Nastasijević.

During her studies, she had the opportunity to talk about the Serbian language with children from the French school in Belgrade and she learned the sign language too. She also worked as a volunteer at Radio Belgrade.

Speaking of teaching Serbian as a foreign language, her favorite part is talking about culture, movies, and music. She also likes to learn something about the culture of her students. 

Nataša speaks English, French, and Russian.

She likes traveling and exploring her country, and during these adventures, she never forgets to bring her Nikon with her.