Perks Of Being A Digital Nomad In Serbia

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 “I chose Belgrade because of love, but it is also a really good location as it is still close to central Europe, living costs are very low compared to Vienna and people are very welcoming and nice. I would definitely recommend Belgrade to work from.”

“First time I came to Belgrade was because of the project. And then I met my girlfriend and now wife, which was the true reason to stay. There is a lot of undiscovered talent here, and a perfect place for me to be, because there are a lot of people I can collaborate with working in Creative Industries. It seems that something that started as a heart decision, now seems as the right decision even from the professional aspect.”

These two guys, one Austrian and one Italian, have summed up the crucial perks of being a digital nomad in Serbia. Romantic love is the common reason they chose to stay in Serbia. However, digital nomads can’t help falling in love with our country for other reasons.

Serbia has one of the world’s most vibrant digital nomad communities, while Belgrade is among the top 21 cheapest cities to live as a digital nomad. Let’s find out what Serbia has to offer you.

Digital Nomad Visa

Although there’s still an ongoing process of announcing an official digital nomad visa, Serbia offers a few visa options for foreigners. Since we aren’t a part of the EU and Schengen Zone, the process is pretty simple and it’ll save you time and nerves.

First of all, you need to register your address at a local police station within 24 hours, despite the visa you choose. When it comes to the visa, you can opt for some of the following based on your needs and wants:

  • Transit visa – You can check what you need to do depending on your home country here. You might not need a transit visa at all.
  • Short-term C visa – Not sure whether Serbia is a country where you see yourself in the future? No worries, this visa allows you to stay for 90 days within six months (depending on your home country again, check out the map).
  • Long-term D visa – Once you’ve fallen in love in Serbia (or a Serb) and want to stay for more than 90 days, you’ll need to file for a temporary residence permit. That’s when you need this visa. It allows you to stay for employment, education, learning Serbian, international exchange, family reasons, etc. It’s valid for a year.
  • Permanent stay visa – We knew it’d come to this. You feel at home in Serbia, and you want to make it official. Look at what you need to do for permanent residence approval here.

Affordable Cost Of Living

If you’re earning a Western salary, you’ll live like a king as a digital nomad in Serbia. Belgrade is the most expensive city in Serbia but one of the cheapest capitals for expats at the same time. 

In the city center, you can find a one-bedroom apartment or a studio for 500-600€ per month. The most popular areas for digital nomads are Dorćol and Savski venac, but you’ll find the facilities you need in almost all neighborhoods. Websites like CityExpert or Nestpick can help in your search. 

That leads us to transport. A one-way public transport ticket costs about 80 cents, and you can use it to reach any area of Belgrade within 90 minutes by bus, tram, or trolleybus. Taxi options are numerous, and we also have CarGo, which is similar to Uber. A 20-30 minute ride is 13-15 euros. You’ll get by just fine without owning a car.

When it comes to healthcare, emergency care is free for everybody, even if you’re just a visitor. There are a lot of affordable private clinics in Belgrade (e.g. Euromedik, MediGroup). It’s also preferable to learn more about healthcare insurance options.

According to and nomadlist, the average monthly cost of living in Belgrade is around 1500-2000€. However, if you move to a smaller town in Serbia, the numbers will be much lower.

Work Perks

Meet new people and enjoy cozy coworking spaces in Belgrade

It’s easy to see why Serbia is among the digital nomad friendly countries.

First, fast and reliable internet is essential for your online remote work, and we’ve got it. You’ll be able to choose between many providers, with SBB and MTS having the most awesome packages.

Belgrade keeps up with the flourishing coworking spaces trend. Take notes of your wants and requirements, and use this list to help you choose the perfect coworking space.

If you don’t feel like renting a coworking space and don’t want to be stuck in your apartment all day, there are plenty of bars and restaurants in Serbia for digital nomads. One digital nomad recommends their favorite places where you can work, sip your coffee, and absorb Serbian culture and cuisine.

Serbs Just Wanna Have Fun

A person sitting in a restaurant in the evening
Work-life balance is imperative in Serbia. Wind down at a bar after work

Hustle culture has never taken root in Serbia. Serbs cherish work-life balance, and you will, too. Let’s see what you can do when you finish work. Don’t tell us you’ve planned to stay at home!

Food And Drinks

It might surprise you that cafes and bars are full in Belgrade throughout the day. Drinking coffee is a ritual that we strictly perform and enjoy. In the evening, expect to be invited for a beer (or a few).

Moreover, you must visit a typical Serbian restaurant (kafana) and explore Serbian national cuisine. If you don’t have much time to sit and eat, try Serbian street food while sightseeing or just strolling around.

Social Life

If you’re into wild nightlife, Belgrade is the place to be. Even if you hadn’t been before moving to Belgrade, the chances are you’d like it. Belgrade’s nightlife is alive and buzzing all year long. Check this if you aren’t sure where to start.

In case you feel lonely and want to share your experiences and hang out with like-minded digital nomads, we’ve got great news. The digital nomad community in Belgrade is sprouting, and you can enjoy meeting new people and socializing both in person and online. 

Serbian Culture

Not sure what to do and where to go in your free time? Want to explore the country you’re living in? Have no idea where to start?

A wooden bench on the top of mountain overlooking a river and a lake
Explore nature in Serbia and enjoy the magnificent National park Tara

We’ve prepared a list of places you must visit as a digital nomad in Serbia. Fall in love with breathtaking nature, learn some historical fun facts, and be ready to take hundreds of pics. Thank us later. 

Serbian Hospitality

Foreigners claim that Serbs are extremely helpful, welcoming, and hospitable. They’ll help you in the street if you’re lost, invite you to their homes, and insist on paying for drinks in bars. When you befriend a Serb, you’ll be an honored guest at their slava.

What’s more, you’ll be surprised at how many people can speak to you in English. Don’t worry if your Serbian isn’t perfect. Serbs are willing to teach you their language, so you’ll get a chance to practice Serbian before you know it.

Ready To Be A Digital Nomad In Serbia?

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Have you already started living as a digital nomad in Serbia? If yes, you’re well aware of what we’re talking about. If not, we hope we helped you make the first digital nomad steps in our country. All in all, expect a friendly atmosphere, low living costs, and a variety of work options. If you want to learn more about how to blend in with the locals and practice your Serbian, check out our online courses and lessons.

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