Group Serbian lessons

Do you feel that one-on-one lessons simply do not work for you? Are you better motivated when there are other people learning with you?

Then our group Serbian lessons are what you need!

Group Serbian Lessons Dragana & Miljana

Why are group lessons a good deal?

You are not alone!

Your Serbian teacher is not the only person you”ll hear, and that is great! Because in real life people dont talk so clearly and at the perfect pace as you teacher does.

You will need to understand people with different accents, and being in a group helps you prepare for conversations with them.

Boost your conversational skills

Our group lessons are perfectly designed so that they encourage conversation. You are part of a group, and that means a bunch of dialogues, debates, fun and purposeful games, and other types of interaction. We provide slides, activities, and handouts that we send to all participants.

Hang out with new friends

There’s at least one thing in common between you and other students in your group: you all love learning Serbian! Throughout the lessons, you might find out there are more things that can get you closer. We witnessed so many great friendships (even romances!) being born in our classes!

Our groups are small but powerful

Minimum number of participants in our group lessons is 3, while the maximum is not more than 6. This way we make sure that every one of you gets attention and feedback, and this is how we maximize your learning time.

Cut costs

You know how they say: investing in knowledge always pays the best interest. But in challenging times, you might want to opt for a more pocket-friendly alternative. In this case, our group lessons are the right option for you. You’ll pay less if you learn in a group, as opposed to individual lessons.

What I like most of all about my Serbian lessons with Miljana are the tangible results that I obtain. Three months after starting our lessons, I know Serbian well enough to communicate effectively with people from the police when extending my residence permit or from a bank when opening an account; as well as I am able to write an email in Serbian to any of the services that I require. What’s more, Miljana’s dynamic personality and tailor-made teaching style sharply distinguish our lessons from the tedious school-style cramming and, on the contrary, make our classes a pleasurable occasion to look forward to.
Kirill Klimov
I have been taking Serbian classes for a few months now, and it has been absolutely incredible. Amazing material, very knowledgeable teachers and I couldn’t ask for more. Considering I had zero knowledge of any Slavic language before, I am quite satisfied with all the content, explanations and especially with the dedication and commitment behind the classes. It feels amazing seeing the progress and getting this lovely culture bit by bit. Hvala punoooooo!
Andre Landre
Since August 2022 I've been taking small group conversation classes and I look forward to every lesson. I teach German as a foreign language and am an experienced language learner. So my expectations regarding content presentation, skills training, relevance of learning materials, keeping the learners motivated etc. are very high and I'm glad to say our teacher meets all of them. In a small group we feel more motivated to speak, building on what we know and most importantly we get feedback on pronunciation and vocabulary. For these reasons I strongly recommend these classes to anyone who wants to speak Serbian with confidence.
U Joe Lee

How much are Serbian group lessons?

The price is 192$ for the 3-month course (12 lessons total). You can pay by debit/credit card or PayPal (for payment options see the bottom of this page).
Note: group classes take place over 3 months, and new classes start 4 times a year:
in February, May, August, and October.  
We open enrollment for the next round of group lessons in April 2024. 

Ready to sign up?

You can show your interest and sign up for group lessons anytime, and we will add you to our student list for the next session. Simply fill out the form below. Please don’t forget to tell us what your proficiency level in Serbian is. Once you fill out the form, we will contact you and provide more details about the lessons and our next scheduled session.

Group lessons - payment options

Pay for the whole course

With this option you don't have to think about monthly installments - you pay only once and relax for the next 3 months
$ 192
  • 12 group lessons
  • each lesson is 60 minutes long
  • customized study materials
  • customized lesson schedule
  • access to all our materials for your level
  • certificate if you complete a level

Pay in 3 installments

We will charge you the monthly amount at the beginning of each month (this means 3 times during the course)
$ 64 per month
  • 12 group lessons
  • each lesson is 60 minutes long
  • customized study materials
  • customized lesson schedule
  • access to all our materials for your level
  • certificate if you complete a level