Frequently Asked Question

FAQs About Courses

Visit the Online courses page where you can choose the course you would like to buy. If you have not registered or logged into your account yet, you will be prompted to register/log in now. (For information about the registration, see the next question.) Clicking the BUY NOW button will add the course to the cart. Then click again on the same button (that has now turned into VIEW CART), and it will take you to your cart.

*In case you have a coupon code, you can type it into the Coupon code field and then click Apply coupon. If you don’t have the code, you can skip this.

Click Proceed to checkout button at the bottom of the page and fill in the billing details. You will get an option to pay via PayPal or credit card.

Registration is necessary if you want to follow the online Serbian courses on our website.

Go to the Home page and click Register in the top right corner of your screen. The window Register a new account will open immediately. Fill in the required fields (only username, email, and password) and then click the Sign Up button.

*In case you already have an account on our website, then just click Login.

You will receive a confirmation email right after you register and purchase the course. Once you get this email, you can go to the Home page and access your account by clicking Login in the top right corner. You will log in with the username or email and password created at the time of registration. Now you will be able to see Profile in the top right corner. Click on the Profile icon and your own profile page will be opened. Here you can find all the information about your enrolled, active, or completed courses.

Yes. Click on Login in the top right corner on the Home page. Then enter your email and click on Lost your password? underneath the captcha field. This will generate the password reset email. Click on the link in the email you received and reset your password.

Click the course on your profile page, then in Curriculum choose the lesson you want to watch. You can watch lessons in any order you like, but we recommend doing it in the given order, as this way you can track your progress more effectively.

There isn’t any time limit. As soon as you purchase the course, you will get lifetime access to it.

At the time being, we do not offer refunds on our courses. If you are not satisfied with the course, please email us at , and we will help you with the concerns you have.

You can try another payment method or a different card. If you are certain that the issue is not related to your bank/Pay Pal account, please send us an email at gospeakserbian@gmail.comand we can look into it.

We apologize for this inconvenience. We encourage you to reach out to us at We are ready to help you!

You should have a good Internet connection and an up-to-date web browser. Our courses can be accessed on any device: desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

Yes. Go to the Online Courses page, choose the course you want and then click the Curriculum tab – you will see the list of all the units in that course.

Yes. In the Curriculum of the course, next to some units you can find the small green icon with an eye on it – if you click on it, you will be able to preview the whole lesson.

No, due to copyright issues, downloading the course is not possible.

Downloadable materials consist of glossaries, worksheets, and audio files. You can find them in the first unit of each course (Unit 1.1.) right above the video. If you click the Downloadable Glossaries and Worksheets button, the zip file will be instantly downloaded to your device.

Absolutely! We would love to hear your feedback. Once you register into your account, go to the course page and click on Reviews to rate and review the course.

Yes, the certificate is generated after the completion of the course. You will still have access to any part of the course even after you click the Complete button.

* Note that the username you used for your profile will appear as the name on the certificate. If you want your first and last name to be on the certificate, then set your username as your first and last name. You can change the username in your profile

FAQs About Lessons

If you are interested in individual lessons, fill out the the form here. If you want a lesson package, you can fill out this form.

Or, you can just email us at

You can sign up for our group lessons on this page. Please note that group classes take place over 3 months, and new classes start 4 times a year: in February, May, August, and October. You can show your interest and sign up for group lessons anytime, and we will add you to our student list for the next session.

Online lessons can take place on Google Meet or Zoom – whichever platform suits you best.

One lesson can be 60 or 45 min long. Free trial lesson is 30 min long.

One individual lesson is $35 USD. If you get a package of 20 lessons, the price is $30 USD per lesson or $600 USD for the entire package.

One group lesson is $15 USD.

Payment is possible via PayPal or by card.

We have teachers in different time zones, so this is not a problem.

Cancellation of a lesson must be made at least 3 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time. Otherwise, missed lessons cannot be rescheduled, which means payments for missed lessons are not refundable, or reusable.