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Pros and Cons of Living in Serbia

If you’ve visited Serbia before, you know that it’s full of nature, the food is good, and people are generally

Plum cake with plums in the background

11 Must-try Serbian Desserts

If you’re big on sweets and the good old chocolate bar doesn’t satisfy your cravings — you need heavy artillery.

Colorful and various foods and ingredients.

How to Talk About Food in Serbian

You’re in Serbia, and after a long walk, you’re starving. Thankfully, there’s a fast food shop right in front of

Common English Words In Serbian

Do you ever feel frustrated because you think you don’t know enough Serbian words to keep the conversation going? Learning

The location of a famous film and music festival

7 Best Serbian Festivals To Attend

Last night Johnny Depp was playing the guitar at a rock concert while the singer was singing about stealing Johnny’s

Woman drinking coffee and laughing

10 Funny Serbian Words

If you know someone from Serbia, you might’ve noticed they or someone from their surroundings has a great sense of

A teacher explains the Serbian cases to her student by using gestures

Serbian Cases Explained

Serbian language might be fairly easy to master due to its phonetic spelling. However, this thing is no longer a

The Iron Gate gorge on the river Danube as one of the places you must visit in Serbia.

Places You Must Visit in Serbia

The Republic of Serbia is one of the most beautiful places to visit on a budget, regardless of the season.

A gift card with the words Thank you on it represents many ways to say thank you in Serbian that readers will learn in this text

Ways to Say THANK YOU in Serbian

If you’re interested in taking Serbian online lessons, you must have already heard about the basics, such as the way

what does bre mean in serbian

BRE in Serbian

BRE! I can’t think of a more powerful tiny word in an entire Serbian language. There’s just so much in

what does baš mean in serbian

What Does BAŠ Mean in Serbian?

E baš mi ovaj tekst treba! Nisam baš siguran šta znači ova reč… If you have a chance to listen

Friends say hello to each other

How to Say “Hello” in Serbian

Coffee shops, restaurants, and nightclubs are always full in Serbia. So much so that partying and chatting over a cup