6 Little-known Places to Visit in Serbia: Travel Like a Local

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Serbia is rich in nature as well as cultural and historical heritage. Along with affordable prices, this makes it an attractive travel destination. But if you’re well-traveled, have already visited Kalemegdan and Zlatibor and partied in Skadarlija taverns, you’re probably fed up with touristy places. Surely, you’re wondering if there’re any new places to visit in Serbia.

So, if you’re seeking an alternative to the hustle and bustle of Belgrade, overpriced souvenir shops, and restaurants in touristy spots, we have good news. Serbia offers hidden gems to please every globe trotter who desires a more authentic travel experience. Here’s a list of little-known places to visit in Serbia. Take a look!

1. Reka Vrelo (Vrelo River)

The cascades of the Vrelo River in Serbia.
Amazing cascades of the Vrelo River

Vrelo River has another name — Year River. The reason? It’s 365m long, just like the number of days in a year. At the foot of the mountain Tara, this short river twists into a myriad of small cascades until it joins river Drina in the form of a breathtaking waterfall. Also, if you get hungry from enjoying the view, there’s a restaurant directly above the waterfall. Amazing, right?

Besides, the water is crystal clear so you can enjoy watching fish swimming in the river. However, if you’re thinking about taking a swim, reconsider. In addition to being very shallow, the average water temperature is only 10℃. Luckily Perućac Lake is less than 6km away. If you visit in summer, you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

Best season: Spring, Summer

What to do: hiking, local food, photographing

2. Đavolja Varoš (Devil’s Town)

The rock formations in Devils’s Town, Serbia
Đavolja Varoš

The chilling name perfectly fits the eerie rock formations. Though impressive and unique, the Devil’s Town will give you goosebumps. According to a legend, the Devil tricked the people into forgetting about blood relations and marrying a brother and sister. Naturally, God didn’t like it. That’s why he turned the party into these rock formations, thus punishing their sins.

However, the true sculptor, in this case, was the erosion. The wind and rain have shaped these blood-curdling figures for many years, making them the stuff of nightmares that they are. So even if you don’t believe in horror stories, the wind blowing through these ominous figures will send shivers down your spine. Or, on a less dramatic note, you’ll spend a great day admiring the Earth’s natural architecture and snap some Instagramable photos.

Best season: Spring, Summer, Fall

What to do: hiking, photographing

3. Carska Bara (Imperial Pond)

An otter floating on its back
Vidra 🦦

For stunning flora and fauna, head north to Vojvodina. Carska Bara is a protected nature reserve. This wetland consists of several ponds, rivers, and canals. It’s also rich in plants and animals.

Among the 500 plant species that grow in the area, there are also some rare species. These include white waterlily, pheasant’s eye, sweet flag, and many others.

Are you into animals? If so, this is the right place. In addition to fish and birds, you may also see bank voles, wildcats, foxes, and hedgehogs. If you’re lucky, you’ll see otters (vidra). They are protected animals in this area. 

All in all, this is a perfect spot for birdwatching and hiking. You can even rent a canoe and have a ride in the Begej River. And if all these activities work up your appetite, head to Restoran Trofej for some traditional and authentic cuisine

Best season: Spring, Summer

What to do: hiking, canoeing, birdwatching, cuisine, photographing

4. Lepenski Vir

A lady standing in an archeological site, Lepenski Vir, Serbia
Lepenski Vir

History buffs will love Lepenski Vir. This archeological site on the Danube (Dunav) is a great place to learn about Stone Age culture and people who lived 8.5 millennia ago.

The archeological excavations uncovered the remains of Europe’s oldest known urban settlement. From tools and weapons to stone idols, pottery, and ancient jewelry, this place will tell you about the life of the oldest civilizations. And if that’s not impressive enough, you can also see preserved human skeletons found at the site. Creepy, but fascinating.

For a better experience, there’s a video about the site with English subtitles. Besides, the guides are helpful and will answer any questions you have about this incredible place. If you’re into history and culture, it’s worth exploring.

Best season: year-round

What to do: tours, souvenir shopping, learning about history

Entrance fee: 500rsd

5. Felix Romuliana

Felix Romuliana

If you go to eastern Serbia, visit Felix Romuliana. This archeological site was once home to the Roman emperor Galerius who dedicated this palace to his mother, Romula. Without a doubt, the remains of the imperial palace are a perfect destination if you’re into history. And since Felix Romuliana is on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List, it surely won’t disappoint.

Besides the palace, the site includes baths and two temples, all surrounded by walls and towers. While you’re there, you can admire frescos and elaborate mosaics preserved after all these years.

Best season: Spring, Summer, Fall

What to do: tours, souvenir shopping, learn about history

Entrance fee: 500rsd

6. Zlatar

Zlatar ⛰️

Are you done with Zlatibor and Kopaonik? If you’re tired of being ripped off and crave a more natural, down-to-earth destination, Zlatar is the place. Located in southwestern Serbia, this mountain offers an authentic experience for nature lovers.

 So, what can you expect to find there? Well, first of all, nature, and lots of it. Forests, meadows, and fresh air provide a healthy and therapeutic stay. You’ll find breathtaking views of meanders of river Uvac, and you can also visit Radoinja Lake (Radoinjsko jezero), where you can go rafting or fishing. Further, foodies will enjoy the local food, such as zlatarski sir (cheese). On top of that, the weather is fine most of the year — around 265 sunny days a year.

Best season: year-round

What to do: hiking, skiing, rafting, photographing

Choose Your Favorite Places To Visit in Serbia

Sure enough, there’s no shortage of places to visit in Serbia. Now, the ball’s in your court. Check our list and choose the destination that fits your interests and travel preferences. Whether you’re a nature lover or a history buff, you’ll find a place to write home about.

Also, you probably know that the farther you go from the capital, the fewer locals will speak English. Of course, knowing the Serbian language will make your travel fun and easy. So, get our Individual Serbian lessons and travel like a local next time you’re in Serbia!

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