Different Ways to Say Beautiful in the Serbian Language

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If a Serbian girl or guy has caught your eye, you might feel the urge to learn different ways to say beautiful in the Serbian language. Giving compliments is a huge part of people’s relationships. Therefore, if you wish to get closer to them or make your existing relationship more meaningful, it’s always a good idea to go a step further. By this, we mean going out of your way and learning some useful phrases in your chosen one’s mother tongue. This will show how much you respect them and care for them.

On the other hand, if you’re taking Serbian courses for reasons other than love, this article will help you expand your vocabulary, learn useful phrases, and let you admire real moments and natural beauty once you visit Serbia.

A few forewords on saying beautiful in Serbian

Serbia is mainly known for hostility and beautiful people. When in Serbia, we are sure you’ll find yourself busy staring at those that pass through in amazingly put-together outfits or simply at a good-looking person.

Whatever the case, different kinds of beauty are everywhere. Those could be people, scenery, flowers, or precious moments. Knowing how to address these moments in Serbian will only strengthen your connection with the Serbian language and culture and make you a more confident speaker.

Thus, without further ado, let’s look at the most common ways to give compliments and express your amazement with someone or something.

The list of ways to say beautiful in Serbian

With all this said, you may already get the sense that Serbs are amicable and polite people. Hence, they will ensure they express their feelings for you from the bottom of their hearts. 

So, if you wish to do the same for them, learning different ways to say ‘beautiful’ in Serbian will help you achieve that. Let’s start from the beginning and learn different synonyms before we move to phrases.

SERBIAN                                                           ENGLISH

(male/female/addressing elderly

and the ones you highly respect)

lep/lepa/lepi                                                     beautiful, good-looking

(pre)divan/divna/divni                                    kind, helpful, gorgeous

ljubak/ljupka/ljupki                                         lovely, adorable

šarmantan/šarmantna/šarmantni                charming

sladak/slatka/slatki                                         cute

prekrasan/prekrasna/prekrasni                     magnificent, charming

sjajan/sjajna/sjajni                                           brilliant, splendid

A wife holding a cup and smiling as her husband learnt some of the ways to say beautiful in the Serbian language

Calling someone beautiful will certainly make that person’s day, regardless of age or race. It’s almost as if it’s in our nature to learn to show gratitude and say thank you to someone. Accordingly, saying someone they’re beautiful or amazing is a good deed and should start feeling natural to many of us.

Making others feel happy will for sure make you feel content too. And with small things, such as giving a sincere compliment, you won’t really need to move mountains to show a person you care.

So, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we’re confident you’ll be able to find someone to give compliments to. Especially if you wish to show your appreciation to a Serbian person in their native language, we say go for it. Such an act will instantly lift their mood and make them feel more connected and drawn to you. 

Useful phrases when giving compliments in Serbian

Now that you’ve learned the different synonyms of saying ‘beautiful’ in Serbian, it’s time for the next step. Knowing the exact ways and phrases on this matter will help you sound clear and confident. 

Consequently, here are some of the phrases you’ll hear a lot when visiting Serbia and are related to giving compliments. So, if you fancy someone from this country, this is what you could say to them at some point.

  1. Prelepa si/Prelep si. (You are beautiful. F/M)
  2. Imaš prelepe oči. (Your eyes are beautiful.)
  3. Volim tvoj osmeh. (I love your smile.)
  4. Zapala si mi za oko/Zapao si mi za oko. (You caught my eye. Addressing female/addressing male)
  5. Ti mi ulepšaš dan. (You make my day.)
  6. Tvoj osmeh mi ulepša dan. (Your smile makes my day.)
  7. Ti si najlepša osoba koju sam ikada video/videla. (You are the most beautiful person I have ever met.)
  8. Veoma si atraktivna/atraktivan. (You are very attractive.)
  9. Ne mogu da prestanem da te gledam. (I cannot stop looking at you.)
  10. Baš si slatka/sladak. (You’re so cute. Addressing female/addressing male)

You can use these phrases when you like someone and wish to get closer to them or show them you care. You might get confused as not all contain the word ‘beautiful.’ However, the message you want to convey is the point, and this is how you can do it. 

Nevertheless, let’s not assume that giving compliments is only for the ones we like and want to be in a relationship with. On the contrary, giving compliments is an elevated form of expressing your love, admiration, and gratitude to almost anyone or anything you have positive feelings for.

A man sitting on the ground and admiring the view of the sea and sundown

For instance, a friend of yours could’ve hosted a fantastic party. When you decide to leave and say goodbye, it would be polite to give your thanks and a couple of nice words about the event. Or, when you receive a present. You can comment on your friend’s gesture or on the gift itself. Either way, this is yet another one of the ways to say ‘beautiful’ in Serbian or any other language.  

Alternative ways to give compliments in Serbian

With that said, let’s look at ways to compliment the occasion or simply the moment you enjoy. 

For instance, these are the words you can use to describe a particular event, gesture, or occasion, like a play at the theater or your friend’s wedding.

Prelepo! (Beautiful 3rd person singular)

Božanstveno! (Divine)

Fantastično! (Fantastic)

Sjajno! (Great)

Čarobno! (Magical)

Fenomenalno! (Phenomenal) 

Beautiful white flowers in the field

If you find yourself in the leaving situation we mentioned before, make sure you put these words in past tense sentences. For example:

Provela sam se sjajno/magično/fenomenalno! (I had a great/magical/phenomenal time!)

Žurka je bila divna/sjajna! (The party was great/amazing!)

Izgledala si božanstveno! Bilo mi je prelepo! (You looked stunning! It was amazing.)

Or if you have some friends or business colleagues over and they bring a present, you can say something like this:

Nije trebalo! Divno je! (You shouldn’t have! It’s beautiful!)

Hvala vam, prelep poklon! (Thank you, it’s a wonderful present.)

Divni ste! Hvala puno! (You are amazing! Thank you so much!)

Final words on ways to say 'beautiful' in the Serbian language

Appreciating the world around you and the people you interact with will matter a lot, both in your personal life and to the person you’re giving compliments to. If the person you like or interact with is from Serbia, write down and remember some ways to say beautiful in Serbian. 

After all, this will help you have more meaningful relationships with people you like. As a result, they will enjoy spending time with you, as the little words and efforts you show will make them feel appreciated and loved.

Even if you end up complimenting the moment you’re in or an event you went to, you will feel fulfilled and instantly have a smile on your face. This is why sharing love is an easy and essential way to keep our worlds going. 

If, for some reason, you find it difficult to pronounce some words, or express your feelings in Serbian, feel free to contact us for help. Happy learning!

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