How to Say I Love You in Serbian: 6 Phrases to Show Affection

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They say love is blind. However, nobody ever said love is deaf. Not everyone is super vocal about their feelings, but that’s not an excuse not to let your loved one feel cherished. Do you know how to say “I love you” in Serbian? If not, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

So, if you’re in love with a Serb or there’s a chance of loving one in the future, dive in and learn how to express affection in Serbian.

1. Volim te (I love you)

Volim te is the essential love confession. Simple yet sweet, it always gets the point across. It’s not exclusively romantic, so you can use it with friends, family, or pets.

However, if you’ve just entered a  romantic relationship, we don’t recommend saying it right away. Many people find this phrase highly meaningful, so if you pop it out on a first date, it might seem fake, or even creep out your date. So, be sure to time it right.

Once you’re comfortable with this phrase, you can spice it up a bit:

  • Mnogo te volim. (I love you a lot)
  • Volim te najviše na svetu. (I love you more than anything)
  • Luda/lud sam za tobom. (I’m crazy about you)


You can’t go wrong here, so play around with different combinations and find your own special ways to say “I love you” in Serbian.

Young man and woman holding a postcard with a heart on it
Volim te najviše na svetu ❤️

2. Obožavam te (I adore you)

Obožavam te is handy when you get so overwhelmed with emotions that the simple “I love you” just doesn’t do it. It’s a powerful expression, so use it sparingly. When overused, it loses its meaning. That’s why you might want to save it for special moments.

3. Sviđaš mi se (I like you)

If love is a dinner, this phrase is the appetizer. It’s perfect for the beginning of a relationship when it’s too early for “I love you,” but you still want to show your affection. Sviđaš mi se is romantic without being weighty. Coming from the right person, these words can cause some serious stomach butterflies.

4. Ljubavi (my love)

If you are the one for pet names, you’ll love Serbian. Ljubavi (my love) is the standard and safe option, but you can use just about any word you find cute.

For more pet names, turn to literal pets. Kuco (puppy), maco (kitten), or pile (chick) are the most common. But don’t stop there. Any cute little animal will do. For instance, prase (piglet) is an adorable pet name if you want to be a bit goofy. Sounds weird, but it works in Serbian.

Teenagers often opt for bebo (baby), but you might want to skip this one since most adults find it cringey.

5. Poljubi me (kiss me)

Although not an actual confession, this romantic request has a similar effect. Whenever you want a kiss, but don’t feel like initiating it, just say “poljubi me.” In case you’re more in the mood for a hug, say “zagrli me” (hug me). Other sweet requests include mazi me (caress me) and drži me za ruku (hold my hand).

Poljubi me 😘
Poljubi me 😘

6. Nedostaješ mi (I miss you)

Do you want to describe that bitter-sweet feeling of missing your loved one? Nedostaješ mi (literal translation: I am lacking you) are the words you’re looking for. Although anyone can use this phrase, if you are in a long-distance relationship with a Serb, you’re probably saying it all the time.

Sometimes life isn’t perfect, and you can’t be with your partner. Still, these moments can give you a chance to prove how strong your love is. At times like this, you need to communicate more than ever, so make sure to learn the expressions that will nourish your relationship when nothing else can.

For more romantic phrases, check out our YouTube video.

Bonus Phrases


  • Zaljubiti se (to fall in love)

This one is great for the beginning of the relationship, and you can use it to confess your love. Just say: “zaljubila/zaljubio sam se u tebe” (I’m in love with you), to show the person you’re really into them.

Some people take longer to fall in love, but for others, it happens at a glance. In that case, we’re talking about ljubav na prvi pogled (love at first sight).


  • Sastanak (date)

When you’re into someone, you can take them out on a sastanak. Depending on your preferences, you may go to a cafe, or cinema, or take a romantic walk. If all goes well, it’s time for the prvi poljubac (first kiss).


  • Raskid (break-up)

Not every couple is meant to be, so sometimes it’s best to end things. If you want to break up, you can say: ”Želim da raskinemo” (let’s break up). After all, honesty is better than false hope.


  • Udaj se za mene (marry me)

On the other hand, if you’ve found your soulmate, it’s time for a proposal. Just say: “udaj se za mene.” If she says: “da” (yes), you are about to enter brak (marriage).


  • Godišnjica (anniversary)

Never forget your godišnjica. It’s only once a year, so make sure to shower your partner with attention and do something special. No need to go overboard, but getting flowers or making a romantic dinner is always a great way to make your loved one happy.


  • Ljubavnik/ljubavnica (lover)

While the literal meaning is — lover —  be careful about this one. In fact, it implies an extra-marital affair. In other words, ljubavnik/ljubavnica is the person you cheat on your partner with, so steer clear of this one when referring to your partner.

A man and a woman holding hands, with wedding rings on their ring fingers
Udaj se za mene 💍

Show Your Love

With all these phrases, there’s a danger of inducing powerful feelings of a romantic kind, so use them with caution. Just joking. Love is beautiful, and life is short, so don’t miss a chance to show the people you love how much you care about them.

Now that you’re well versed in ways to say “I love you” in Serbian, we recommend you go crazy and use them as much as possible. Not only will you practice your Serbian, but it will help you spice up your relationship.

Finally, we’ve only scratched the surface in this article. If you want to be able to communicate your feelings on a deeper level, book our Group Serbian conversation lessons. Learning in a group is a great way to improve communication skills. Plus, your relationships will benefit from it.

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