Learn Serbian With Influencers: Top 10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

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If you’re looking for a way to improve your Serbian but also have fun and not spend a fortune, we know just the thing. Social media is an unavoidable part of our lives, so why not use this fact to your advantage? Namely, you can learn Serbian with influencers on Instagram (and other apps).

The best thing is you don’t even have to change your habits or be disciplined. You just need to keep doing what you normally do anyway — keep scrolling. Only, this time you won’t be wasting your time.

And since finding the right content can be a hassle, we’ve pieced together a list of the top ten influencers to follow and learn Serbian. Dive in!

Here’s a list of our top ten pics. Check it out and choose your favorites.

1. Balkan Dad

If you like learning through humor and funny content, you’ll love Balkan Dad. He is the face of Balkan food, humor, and culture.

Miloš Nedeljković, aka Balkan Dad, posts hilarious reels about the stereotypical dads of Serbia. By watching them, you can get a sense of Serbian culture, pick up some common words and phrases, and also bust your gut.

You can recognize him by his signature trenerka (tracksuit) tucked into white socks or his speedos in summer. He uses rakija as a cure-all and constantly chews on a toothpick. Classic dad of Balkan countries!

And if you’re into Serbian food, check out his cooking videos, where you can hear his favorite catchphrase — Ma kakav parsley! (to hell with the parsley). We can only conclude that Balkan dads aren’t fond of this herb.

Where to follow:

Instagram: balkandad

2. Elizabeth Duong

Elizabeth Duong is a Viet-Aussie girl in Serbia who enjoys driving her Vespica (Serbian diminutive for Vespa) around the Balkans.

She moved all the way from Australia and found happiness in this small country on the Balkan Peninsula in 2020. Since then, she’s studied Serbian, and with great success, judging from her videos and Instagram captions.

Follow her, and you’ll be able to enjoy all kinds of content, from travel to CrossFit. But most importantly, she shares a lot about her experiences living in Serbia and studying Serbian.

Also, she creates collabs with other Serbian language learners where they share tips and other useful and entertaining content.

Where to follow:

Instagram: lizlearnsserbian

YouTube: Liz Learns Serbian

3. Eloi

Eloi is a Francuz u Srbiji (Frenchman in Serbia). He is a French teacher, a barman, and an excellent Serbian speaker. If you check out his content, you’ll see that he’s got a great sense of humor and really understands Serbian culture.

By the way, he also founded Language café Belgrade, where people can gather and enjoy some language exchange. So, if you’re in Belgrade, why not give it a go?

Where to follow:

Instagram: eloifrancuzusrbijibre

YouTube: Eloi Francuz u Srbiji

4. Jenni Martin

Jenni Martin, a Spanish girl in Belgrade, decided to follow love and moved to Serbia. Namely, she met a Serbian actor,  Uroš Jovčić, on the set of the TV series Montevideo, Bog te video! The two got hitched and are now living their best life.

Jenni’s Instagram captions are mostly in Serbian. There, she shares moments from her life and fashion content. However, her YouTube channel is where you’ll find loads of useful and entertaining content. In some of the videos, she pranks her husband, and tackles Serbian brzalice (tongue twisters) in others.

All in all, in most of her videos, she speaks imperfect but fluent Serbian.

Evidently, Jenni isn’t afraid of making mistakes as long as she gets to practice the language, and we could all benefit from that kind of attitude.

Where to follow:

Instagam: jenniimartin

YouTube: Jenni Martín

5. Gleb

Gleb, an influencer from Russia, shares about his life in Serbia on his Instagram account. His focus is nature, a healthy lifestyle, and travel.

So, if you follow him, you can find out how it is to be a Russian in Serbia, or see Gleb making džem (jam). Also, you get to enjoy his travel reels and see pics from various gorgeous destinations.

Where to follow:

Instagram: glebfeels

YouTube: Gleb Feels

6. Strahinja Ćalović

Strahinja Ćalović doesn’t post about the Serbian language per se, but his videos are entertaining and full of interesting trivia. They are short, informative, and easy to follow.

So, for instance, you can find out what’s sntntn (spoiler — it’s a metal part used to open a soda or a beer can).

Then again, on his YouTube channel, you’ll learn who are Serbian Kardashians and a lot more. Although, clips on this platform are longer and more suitable for advanced learners.

Where to follow:

Instagram: strahinja.calovic

YouTube: Strahinja Ćalović

7. Mića Ašćerić

As a medical student, Mića posts a lot of health-related content. So, for example, he explains how to get rid of podočnjaci (dark circles under the eyes) in one of his Instagram reels.

Not all of his content is health-oriented, though. Still, most of it is either entertaining or informative, or both. Plus, he uses plain language, so it won’t be hard to keep up.

Where to follow:

Instagram: mica.asceric

TikTok: ascericm

8. Thiago Ferreira

All the way from Brazil, Thiago moved to Serbia and settled in here. He is a tourism entrepreneur, and most of his content is related to travel and destinations of this small country rich in nature.

Interestingly, it’s no secret that he is so familiar with Serbian tourist spots that he can teach Serbs about them. No wonder he calls himself Srbin iz Brazila (a Serb from Brasil).

He also has an amazing command of the language. In fact, he writes his Instagram captions in Cyrillic, which is a next-level skill for most learners.

Where to follow:

Instagram: thiagoldcf

YouTube: Thiago Ferreira

9. Zombijana

For a more artsy and creative vibe, we recommend Andrijana Vešović, known as Zombijana. As a visual artist, she creates quirky and wholesome graphic art.

It’s not language-related content, but most of her designs have short and impactful lines coupled with illustrations that’ll give you enough context to decipher the meaning.

Check out this one (It says “Being vulnerable is not a shortcoming”):

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Andrijana Vešović (@zombijana)

Where to follow:

Instagram: zombijana

TikTok: zombijana

10. Marko Marijoković

Marko is another content creator worth following. Surprisingly, the main character on his account is his baka (grandma). If you head over to his Instagram, you’ll see that many of his reels start with Ložim baku… (I’m pranking my grandma…). His grandma is the embodiment of a Serbian grandma. She is caring, warm but also very direct and straightforward when needed. 

For example, in one of these, he pranks his grandma with a fake nose piercing. And if you know Serbian grandmas, you know that tattoos and facial piercings are a huge no-no. To see her reaction, check out the video here.

Just like with other influencers we shared, a lot of his videos have subtitles that will help you learn Serbian while enjoying the content.

Where to follow:

Instagram: marko_marijokovic

Learn Serbian With Influencers

Clearly, there are many reasons to learn Serbian with Influencers. It’s fun and hassle-free. Plus, you’ll find out a lot about the culture, sense of humor, and so much more.

And the best of all — it won’t cost a dime. So, pick your favorite influencers from the list, follow them, and let the fun begin.

Speaking of free resources, by subscribing to our biweekly newsletter, you’ll get our original Serbian language worksheets for self-study at different levels. So, give it a go and practice your skills with zero cost!

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