Places You Must See In Belgrade In Winter

You get these little fire pits and everything out here where people can sit, listen to music, drink their kuvano vino… Steak and brisket – OPA, BATO! I can eat like a king out here! You gotta love this! 

Belgrade might not be the first city that crosses your mind when comes to lavish Christmas markets and frenzied holiday spirit, but it will surprise you in all sorts of positive ways. Have a glimpse of the atmosphere our friend Charles from the beginning of the story talks about here.

Winters in Serbia aren’t that harsh, which allows you to stay outdoors as long as you want and immerse in Serbian culture to the fullest. Hop in and enjoy the tour of the city with us. You’ll realize that all you want for Christmas is to be in Belgrade. 

Christmas Spirit

Let’s start with the latest trend – the Winter Fairy-Tale at Belgrade Waterfront’s Sava Park. Whole families swarm here because there’s something for everyone. You can go ice skating, then watch some theatre play, all while listening to live music. When you’re exhausted and starving, sit around a fire pit, and grab some food and kuvano vino (mulled wine) to warm your soul. 

Trg otvorenog srca (Open Heart Square) in the city center is everyone’s favorite outdoor winter tradition that hits right in the feels. It’s a must see in Belgrade. This is a place for you if you’re into cheerful crowds, lots of flamboyant decorations and Christmas lights, and trumpet orchestras. 

Let’s not forget grilled meat, hot drinks (don’t miss kuvana rakija – mulled brandy, or hot chocolate with Baileys if you’re feeling fancy), chimney cakes, or odžak kolač as we call it.

Historical Sights

A panoramic view of Zemun from Gardoš
A magnificent view of Zemun from Gardoš

If you don’t feel like taking part in Christmas euphoria, here are some sightseeing recommendations.

You can stroll around the most visited tourist attraction, Belgrade Fortress, on your own, but we’ve got something much better for you. Check out the guided Beograd ispod Beograda tour in Serbian or English. 

Enjoy fun and captivating stories about the Roman Well that inspired Hitchcock, a military bunker that was a complete mystery till 2008, the remains of the Pannonian Sea, and savor delicious white wine in the bohemian wine cellar (lagum).

Crossing the river and entering the enchanting old town of Zemun will transport you to a different universe with its cobbled streets and the charming quay on the Danube. An American girl who lived in Belgrade for 6 months claims that the Gardoš Tower beats Belgrade Fortress when it comes to the best view. So, this is the next must see in Belgrade you shouldn’t miss.

Crazy Nightlife

Now, this is what Belgrade is famous for around the world. If you haven’t found a perfect spot for you and your friends among countless Belgrade nightclubs, you’re doing something wrong. 

According to some data, there are over 170 floating river clubs called splavovi. They are the rafts along the Danube and Sava banks. Once you visit them, you’ll get why they are the most popular attraction. 

Belgrade nightclubs cover all music preferences. You’ll find some packed folk and pop clubs, modern R’n’B versions, R’n’R clubs with live gigs, or some more intimate smaller places. Here’s a list of which places visitors have enjoyed most.

Cozy Bars And Restaurants

If you want to feel the old spirit of Belgrade, then you should go to its bohemian core called Skadarlija and experience a Serbian kafana. Tri šešira, Dva jelena, Velika Skadarlija, and Zlatni bokal are among the best restaurants where you can try traditional Serbian cuisine. If you’re unsure which dishes to try, here’s a little help.

Restaurant in the Skadarlija street in Belgrade
Experience the authentic atmosphere in one of the restaurants in Skadarlija

Kafeterija in Kralja Petra Street is a place to be seen at. Enjoy your morning coffee from the rich selection in the largest coffee shop in this part of Europe surrounded by dazzling Christmas decor.

If you’re into the pub scene, worry not; Belgrade’s covered it. Check out The Black Turtle, Dogma Brewery, or Docker Brewery & Beer Garden. We can’t wait to hear about your new favorite craft beer.

Theatres and Cinemas

What’s a better way to spend a chilly winter day than at a theatre or a cinema? 

For example, Narodno pozorište (the National Theatre) is located in the heart of the city, on Republic Square. In winter, it’s a pleasure to watch The Nutcracker ballet. However, if you aren’t into ballet, you can choose dramas by both Serbian and foreign playwrights.

If cinemas are more your cup of tea, you’ll find a trendy Cineplexx in every mall playing the latest blockbusters. On the other hand, Jugoslovenska kinoteka offers a completely different experience with the beloved classics you might’ve forgotten about. 


Opposite the National Theatre, you’ll see the National Museum. Take a stroll from prehistoric times to the 20th century on three levels and 5000 sqm. Time flies while you’re there, so be prepared to spend at least three hours at the National Museum.

You must’ve heard of Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds in history. Well, there’s a museum dedicated to him that is an absolute must see in Belgrade. Interactive tours are available in Serbian and in English for you to have the most fun and entertaining science class.

If you’re a non-traditional type, then Muzej iluzija (Museum of Illusions) and Selfie Museum are for you.

Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade
Nikola Tesla Musem - an absolute must see in Belgrade

Natural Beauties

When you’ve done immersing in Serbian culture, you can enjoy nature in Belgrade. Even when there’s no snow, the park-forest Košutnjak and Avala mountain are beautiful in winter. If you want your kids to have fun and play in many playgrounds, eat organic food, and if you’re into sports fishing, check out EkoPark near Avala.

Although Ada Ciganlija (a former river island, now a peninsula) is the most attractive city beach during summer days, it also has a rich offer in winter. There’s an ice skating rink, a school of skiing and snowboarding, and you can even play badminton. Don’t forget to visit the bars and restaurants on the beach!

A woman and children walking towards the monument on Avala
Take a walk to the monument and enjoy the scenery on Avala

Where To Next?

As you can see, Belgrade is a warm and welcoming city. We hope we’ve inspired you how to start exploring if you happen to be here around Christmas and New Year. The list of places you must see in Belgrade in winter is endless. You can plan your sightseeing ahead or go with the flow. We promise you won’t regret either. If you want more suggestions on what to do here, or share your impressions about Belgrade, contact us, or check our lessons.

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