Snacking and Learning Serbian: 9 Best Serbian Snacks

Are you feeling snackish? If you are, then you’re in for a treat — literally. Namely, you can enjoy Serbian snacks and learn the language at the same time.

So, in this article, we’ll cook up a list of the top 9 Serbian snacks. On top of that, we’ll show you how you can use your munchies to practice Serbian. Dig in!

Best Serbian Snacks

It’s no secret that Serbs are huge gourmands. Naturally, their love for food extends to snacks. As a result, Serbian supermarkets are packed with treats of every imaginable flavor and texture.

Speaking of flavor, all Serbian snacks can be divided into two categories: grickalice (salty and savory snacks) and slatkiši (sweets).

Of course, we’ll talk about both types.


As we said, grickalice are all kinds of salty and savory (or spicy) snacks.

In case you’re wondering, the word grickalice comes from the verb grickati, which means to snack.

Please note that this word is always plural — grickalice. However, if you use it in the singular form — grickalica — well, that’s a nail clipper. And as useful as a nail clipper is, you don’t want to accidentally buy it when you’re suffering from hunger pangs.

Anyway, here are the most popular salty Serbian snacks.

1. Smoki

Naturally, the first on our list is Smoki — likely the most popular of all Serbian snacks. So, if you’ve ever had a movie night with Serbian friends or joined a party, chances are you’ve already tried it.

These bean-shaped puffs are crunchy and bursting with peanut flavor. As a result, they go really well with beer.

Every supermarket sells Smoki, and you’ll easily spot its recognizable red package. So, if you haven’t already, give it a go (unless you have a peanut allergy, of course)

The small pack of Smoki (50g) costs around 50 RSD, but if you’re having company, you can buy a party pack (250g) for 200 RSD.

Useful vocab:

Kikiriki – peanut

Hrskav – crunchy

Example sentence:

Smoki je hrskav i ima ukus kikirikija.

(Smoki is crunchy and has a peanut flavor.)

2. Štapići

Another party favorite, štapići or salty sticks, are exactly that — sticks sprinkled with crystals of salt. With their mild salty taste and hard texture, they are a universal snack that’s perfect for any occasion.

In particular, they are a perfect travel snack. Since they aren’t greasy, you won’t make a mess, and more importantly — they won’t make you sick.

They are also very affordable. For example, famous brands like Pardon or Prima sell a small pack for less than 50 RSD.

Useful vocab:

Slani — salty

Tvrdi — hard

Example sentence:

Štapići su slani i tvrdi.

(Salt sticks are salty and hard.)

4. Čips

A bowl of potato chips next to a jug of beer.
Čips i pivo 🍺

No list of snacks would be complete without potato chips — or čips in Serbian. Although far from a healthy snack, it’s irresistible. And considering the variety of flavors that Serbian supermarkets offer, you might never get enough of it.


So, here are some of the most popular flavors:

4. Kokice

a glass bowl full of popcorn.

Kokice (popcorn) are a cinema staple and pair well with Coke. They are cheap, addictive, and low in calories.

If you buy them at the cinema, you’ll likely just get plain popcorn. But if you’re having a movie night at home, you can find Clipsy kokice with various flavors at the supermarket — cheese, peanut, and chicken.

Useful vocab:

Zarazne – addictive

Niskokaloirične – low in calories

Example sentence:

Kokice su niskokalorične ali zarazne.

(Popcorn is low in calories but addictive.)

4. Semenke

A pile of pumpkin seeds.
Semenke bundle

Besides being bird food, semenke (seeds) are a great snack. The reason? They are light and healthy. On top of that, you can eat them for hours without getting full.

And even then, you won’t break the bank considering how affordable they are.

The most popular kinds of seed are semenke sunckoreta (sunflower seeds) and semenke bundeve (pumpkin seeds).

Useful vocab:

Zdravo – healthy

Lagano – light

Example sentence:

Semenke su zdrave i lagane.

(Seeds are light and healthy.)


If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll surely love Serbian sweets. From homemade treats to bakery goods, there’s more than enough material for a good sugar rush.

And at any supermarket, you’ll find that the shelves are overflowing with all kinds of sweets. Here are some of the best ones.

6. Krem bananica

A chocolate snack with white filling split in half.
Krem bananica 😋

Simple things are often the best, and Krem bananica is as simple as sweets can get. Namely, it consists of only two parts: a chocolate coating and a creamy, banana-flavored filling.

Despite its simplicity (or maybe thanks to it), this snack is irresistible, so good thing one costs less than 20 RSD. Otherwise, many sweets addicts would be going broke over this treat.

Useful vocab:

Slatka – sweet

Kremasta – creamy

Example sentence:

Krem bananica je slatka i kremasta.

(Krem bananica is sweet and creamy.)

7. Jaffa cakes

Have you tried Jaffa cakes? Basically, it’s a soft biscuit on one side, black chocolate on the other, and orange-flavored jelly in between.

Thanks to the perfectly balanced ingredients, the sweetness is offset by the refreshing jelly. As a result, you won’t be able to get enough — so make sure to stock up.

Useful vocab:

Meko – soft

Osvežavajuće – refreshing

Sa ukusom pomorandže – orange-flavored

Example sentence:

Jaffa cakes je osvežavajuci, mekani keks sa ukusom pomorandže.

(Jaffa cakes are refreshing, soft biscuits with orange flavor.)

8. Plazma

No, we aren’t talking about plasma TV. In Serbia, Plazma is a popular biscuit shaped like a rectangle with rounded corners.

It’s mildly sweet, dry, and easy to digest. For that reason, it’s a great travel snack, but it’s also a go-to food in case of an upset tummy. Namely, it will provide nutrition without making things worse.

Useful vocab:

Suvo – dry

Blag ukus – mild taste

Example sentence:

Plazma keks je suv i ima blag ukus.

(Plazma biscuit is dry and has a mild taste.)

9. Najlepše želje — čokolada

Four chocolate bars.
Čokolada 🍫

Čokolada (chocolate) is crème de la crème among sweets. And talking about Serbian brands, Najlepše želje chocolate, takes the cake (pun intended).

It’s sweet, but not too much, and the texture is amazing. Plus, since najlepše želje means best wishes, this chocolate makes for a perfect birthday gift or souvenir.

And if you aren’t crazy about sweets but still like your daily dose of serotonin, this brand offers dark chocolate (crna čokolada) as well.



Crna čokolada – dark chocolate

Gorko – bitter

Ukusno – tasty

Example sentence: 

Crna čokolada je gorka ali ukusna.

(Dark chocolate is bitter but tasty.)

Snack Away and Learn Serbian

Finally, we’ve covered the best Serbian snacks that are affordable and absolutely delicious. But don’t take our word for it — try them out for yourself.

And when you do, why not join our Serbian group lessons? That way, you can practice your Serbian and discuss your favorite treats with other learners and fellow snacksters.

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