How to Write an Email in Serbian

Concrete phrases for writing emails in Serbian language

Many of us are intimidated when we have to write an email or any kind of letter in a foreign language because written form might reveal all our weak points, that we can conceal more successfully while speaking. If you need to write an email in Serbian language, read on, because this text will cover the most typical opening lines, phrases, and closing lines that will make you proud next time when you hit that send button.

Writing a formal email in Serbian

This could be a business letter, complaint letter, motivation letter for applying for a job, or any other kind of application. Make sure to address the person you are writing to using a polite form, which in Serbian is the same as the 2nd person Plural. Also, keep in mind that the language you’re using shouldn’t be conversational. Therefore, if you’re not sure if a word or a phrase you want to use is too colloquial, look it up in a dictionary and try to find the synonym that would be more appropriate for the written style.

Formal email opening lines

  • Poštovani / Poštovana (Dear – literally: Respected): use this greeting if you know the title or the last name of the person you’re writing to. For example: Poštovani gospodine Nikoliću / Poštovani profesore / Poštovani doktore / Poštovana gospođo Nikolić / Poštovana profesorice / Poštovana doktorice … You can notice that we use Vocative case in this situation – this is the case that is obligatory in Serbian when we directly address someone.
  • Poštovani, – use this neutral greeting if you don’t know the name or gender of your contact, or if you are writing to a group of people or an institution.

In both cases, we end the opening line with a comma (,). After that, we start the message in the next line with a capital letter. For example:

Poštovana koleginice,

Pišem Vam zbog …

Formal email phrases

  • Pišem Vam u vezi sa … (I am writing in regards to …)

Pišem Vam u vezi sa sutrašnjim sastankom. (I am writing you in regards to tomorrow’s meeting)

  • Želeo/-la bih da Vas obavestim … (I would like to inform you …)

Želela bih da Vas obavestim o novom radnom vremenu. (I would like to inform you about the new working hours)

  • Javljam Vam se po dogovoru (I am writing you as we agreed)
  • Obraćam Vam se zbog … (I am contacting you because of …)

Obraćam Vam se zbog sledećeg problema (I am contacting you for the following issue)

  • Bio bih vam zahvalan / Bila bih vam zahvalna ako biste … (I would be grateful if you would …)

Bio bih Vam veoma zahvalan ako biste mi što pre odgovorili (I would be very grateful if you could respond as soon as possible)

  • U prilogu Vam šaljem ... (I am sending attached …)

U prilogu Vam šaljem svoj CV. (I am sending my CV attached)

  • Radujem se našem susretu (I am looking forward to meeting you)
  • Hvala na razumevanju (Thank you for your understanding)
  • Hvala Vam unapred (Thank you in advance)

Formal email closing lines

  • S poštovanjem, (Respectfully)
  • Srdačan pozdrav, (Kind regards)
  • Sve najbolje, (Best regards)

After the closing line we also use comma (,) and write our name in the next line:

S poštovanjem,

Andrea Vukotić

Writing an informal email in Serbian

If you want to write an email in Serbian to a friend, relative, or anybody that you are close to, you can use more casual language. In other words, feel free to use the speaking language. Slang, for instance, is very typical for these kinds of letters. 

Informal email opening lines

  • Dragi / Draga (Dear) – They are also followed by a noun in Vocative case, for example: Dragi Jovane / Dragi brate / Draga Nataša / Draga moja, …
  • Pozdrav (Hello)
  • Ćao (Hi)

Informal email closing lines

  • Čujemo se (sutra/uskoro) (Talk to you (tomorrow/soon)
  • Ljubim te (I’m kissing you)
  • Javi se (Call me)
  • Piši mi (Write me)


Now that you know the most common phrases to use to write an email in Serbian, we encourage you to test and practice your knowledge in the worksheet below. You can download it and print it out if you want. It’s time to impress people with your Serbian writing skills!

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