Places You Must Visit in Serbia

The Iron Gate gorge on the river Danube as one of the places you must visit in Serbia.

The Republic of Serbia is one of the most beautiful places to visit on a budget, regardless of the season. So, this article is for those who wish to venture to the country of majestic beauty, especially those who are taking Serbian lessons. The best way to put your knowledge into practice is to use it with the locals. Thus, if you wish to improve your Serbian while exploring the land of legendary nightlife and fantastic history, you’ve come to the right place. In today’s article, we’ll share the list of the places you must visit in Serbia. 

Places you must visit in Serbia: The list

Besides the epic and unforgettable nightlife, Serbia is known for many more. Some of Serbia’s best attributes are great hospitability, medieval fortresses, charming cities, natural beauties, delicious food, and breathtaking monasteries. 

So, if we’ve managed to tackle your imagination by now, make sure you start taking notes. We’ve curated the ultimate list of places to visit when in Serbia and enjoy its beauties and a true blend of cultures. Here’s the overview:

  1. Belgrade – the capital
  2. The city of Novi Sad
  3. Tara National Park
  4. Mountain Zlatibor
  5. Studenica Monastery
  6. Đerdap National Park and Golubac Fortress
  7. Monasteries Gračanica, Visoki Dečani, Patriarchate of Peć 
  8. The canyon Uvac
  9. The Devil’s Town (Đavolja Varoš)

The capital city of Belgrade

Thousands of tourists keep flocking to Belgrade for multiple reasons. However, it seems nobody fails to mention they had a lovely time mainly due to the hostpitability and engagement of the locals. 

Belgrade is the capital city of the Republic of Serbia and offers a wide variety of tourist attractions. Trust us when we say there’s something for everyone’s taste in this store. 🙂

Kalemegdan Fortress in the capital city of Serbia.
Fortress is the most well-known tourist attraction in the capital city.

However, Belgrade is abundant with unique places and nooks to see. Therefore, to get you started, here’s the Belgrade must-visit list.

  • The Kalemegdan Fortress with fantastic views of the Danube and Sava rivers confluence;
  • Knez Mihailova pedestrain street;
  • Skadarlija street for the ultimate Serbian wining and dining;
  • The National Museum,
  • The Nikola Tesla Museum,
  • Vibrant cafes in the Dorćol neighborhood, 
  • The wild nightlife in the floating nightclubs on Sava and Danube rivers and the Savamala district;
  • Saint Sava Temple.

The charming city of Novi Sad

The city of Novi Sad is a whole different story. It’s a city with an Austro-Hungarian charm where everything flows in a much more relaxed and slower pace than in the capital. 

So, when in Novi Sad, it would be best to start your tour by saying hello to the locals on Miletić square, where you can enjoy the view of the magnificent Cathedral. You’ll find two main pedestrian streets nearby – Zmaj Jovina and Dunavska Street. After you’ve relaxed and had lunch, you can stroll to the Dunavski park for a peaceful and idyllic time.

Ultimately, another site in Novi Sad, and one of the places you must visit in Serbia, is the Petrovaradin Fortress, which offers a magnificent view of the city. 

Miletic square in the city of Novi Sad in Serbia.
Miletić Square is the perfect spot for visitors to feel the soul of Novi Sad.

Also, if you have the means and the time to travel to some other places nearby, make sure you include the city of Subotica and Fruška Gora National Park on your list.

National Park Tara

Apart from being a natural border with the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tara offers one of the world’s most amazing views of the Drina river, surrounded by intact wilderness.

This national park is home to hundreds of types of birds and more than 50 mammal species. Furthermore, the unspoiled nature consists of beautiful juniper, pine, and birch forests

Ultimately, there are two unique tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss. Firstly, Drvengrad is a small wooden village. The creator of this village is the legendary film director Emir Kusturica. 

Secondly, on Mokra Gora, you’ll experience a unique 16km-long train ride on the slopes of Šargan. We are sure this ride will leave you speechless and amazed multiple times.

Zlatibor mountain as one of the places you must visit in Serbia

The top favorite winter destination of the many is precisely Zlatibor Resort. Zlatibor is abundant in facilities for skiing, hiking, and swimming. These will cater to everyone’s taste, especially if you’re not fond of winter sports but prefer enjoying the cold from the inside. 

However, Zlatibor is a famous destination all year round. You’ll be able to stroll around and enjoy the beautiful scenery of historic villages and meadows. Once you start feeling hungry, each restaurant will offer you the famous Zlatiborska pršuta (prosciutto) and šljivovica, the so-well-known Serbian plum brandy.

Monastery Studenica

When in Serbia, you’ll soon realize that our tourism consists of some of the most important religious and cultural heritage monuments to a great extent. With that said, many of our churches, monasteries, and fortresses all around the country are included on the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites

Therefore, in Serbia, make sure you visit its very soul – the Studenica Monastery. There are guided tours that can help you learn a great deal about the site’s significance. However, we do advise you to do some reading in Serbian beforehand. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your visit even more while staying on top of your Serbian language learning game. 🙂

National Park Đerdap and Golubac Fortress

Đerdap National Park is yet another on the list of places you must visit in Serbia. It has four gorges that are 115km long, while the Gospodin Vit gorge lies on one of the deepest rivers in the world. 

This National Park is located near Golubac fortress, one of the country’s most visited places. Another popular site in the area is Silver Lake if you’re up for a swim or a coffee and lunch on the artificial lake formed by a hydroelectric plant. Also, Tumane Monastery is another religious site worth seeing, close to the Đerdap National Park.

The Golubac Fortress is one of the most visited places in Serbia.
Golubac Fortress should be on your list of places you must visit in Serbia due to its historical significance and other sight-worthy sites nearby.

Monasteries Gračanica, Visoki Dečani, Peć Patriarchate

Another area abundant with religious and historical heritage is the city of Prizren and the medieval monuments in Kosovo. Unfortunately, even though Kosovo today has its own elected officials, Serbia considers it its part and an illegitimately separated province.

Monasteries Patriarchate of Peć, Visoki Dečani, and Gračanica are also on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

The Patriarchate of Peć is one of the medieval and most respected monasteries in Serbia, dating to the XII century. The Monastery of Gračanica was built on the ruins of an XVIII-century church and a VI-century church site. Visoki Dečani was built in a romantic gothic style and decorated with over 1000 frescos.

Uvac Canyon is one of the places you must visit in Serbia

Another top-rated destination in Serbia is Uvac Lake, due to the breathtaking environment. You should consider this site when visiting Serbia, as its entranced meaders will make you wish to explore more.

Fortunately, there are plentiful boat tours on which you’ll be able to see the tall limestone sites from proximity. So, if you wish to indulge in natural beauty and tranquility, we strongly advise you to take a trip to this spot. 🙂

The Devil's Town (Đavolja Varoš)

The famous Devil’s Town is the final place for your must-visit list of places in Serbia. This area represents one of the most impressive rock transformations. It’s considered to be a geological phenomenon. 

There is a legend behind this scary yet impressive place. These legends suggest that the rocks were all the guests at a wedding petrified by the Devil with acidic water, the so-called Devil’s water. 

Whatever the truth is, it’s a fact that this place is unique and thought-provoking. That’s why it’s nominated to become another one of the World’s Wonders.

The takeaway from places you must visit in Serbia

Finally, if you are trying to learn Serbian and put it into practice, the best way to do it is by visiting the country. We made the list of places you must see in Serbia to make your stay even more adventurous and unforgettable. Also, this way you’ll be able to learn so much more about the country, its people and history, which all help in acquiring the language. 

If you have any queries or consider taking online courses, don’t hesitate to contact us. Have fun

Also, to find out some more fun places to visit in Serbia, check out this video on our YouTube channel:

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