We designed this planner to help you make your personalized study plan and review things that you’ve learned in Serbian.
This is a printable pdf document (if you are, like us, a pen and paper type:), but you can also use the digital version on an iPad or tablet. You will get 10 different pages (including the last page for writing your essays), but the best feature of this planner is that you can print/duplicate specific pages that you want to use more than once!

With this planner you will be able to:

– make your own glossary with the new words you’ve learned
– make your own mini dictionaries with synonyms and antonyms
– jot down the list of the most important phrases for you
– list the grammar rules about a specific structure and add examples with it
– make a detailed mini-lesson about the new verb (including all the info about a specific verb, such as verbal aspect, conjugations, irregular forms, etc)
– make your own declension tables for all the tricky nouns in Serbian
– write conversations that will prepare you for everyday usage of Serbian
– make your weekly plan for learning Serbian: what activity will you do which day, what are your goals for that week, what sources will you use in learning (reading, listening, watching…) and motivate yourself about the situations in which you are going to use Serbian

Download your planner